How to install bifold doors? 7 easy steps to do that yourself!

Are you wondering how to install bifold doors? How to remove bifold doors and improve the security of your home with a bifold door lock? In this blog post, we will answer all these questions and give you a clear idea about how to benefit most of the bifold doors! Bifold doors are a popular

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What is a pocket door? Everything you need to know!

Answering your question about what is a pocket door requires tackling the subject of pocket door installation. With us, you will become familiar with how to remove a pocket door, how to fix a pocket door, and how to install a pocket door into an existing wall. In case you’re wondering are pocket doors expensive,

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What is a pivot door? Here’s what you need to know!

What is a pivot door? A question you are probably asking if you are looking for a way to increase the space in your home, or searching for an easy entryway that can be accessed by the entire family! If this is what you want, then installing a pivot door is just what you need.

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What is a double hung window? 5 things you need to know!

If you are wondering what is a double-hung window? In this blog post, we will explain the technical meaning of double-hung, and develop the subject by tackling the double-hung window parts. The casement windows vs double hung section will boost your window knowledge which needs cleaning and that’s why we’ll present you information on how

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What is a window sash and why is it essential?

What is a window sash you might ask first? This question is natural if you’re not familiar with the functionality and design of the windows at your place. Without further ado, a window sash is what holds the framework and glass within a window. It is located around the glass to support it. You may

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Check out how to adjust sliding glass door for effortless handling!

If your sliding glass door has spent a lot of time in your house, you might be wondering how to adjust the sliding glass doors to go back in time and regain brand new sliding glass door performance. Our blog would take you inside the sliding glass door world by showing you how to replace

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What is a casement window? 5 important things you need to know!

When we hear about casement window a few questions pop up in our minds, what is a casement window? how to remove a casement window, how to install an air conditioner in a casement window, or how to remove the screen from a casement window?  Are casement windows more expensive? So if you are looking

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What are french doors? 5 Things you probably didn’t know!

What are French doors? How much are french doors and how to install french doors? how wide are french doors and how to secure french doors? 5 questions you're probably asking if you are thinking about renovating your house! Today, in this blog post, we will define the french doors and will describe their

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