What are French doors? How much are french doors and how to install french doors? how wide are french doors and how to secure french doors? 5 questions you’re probably asking if you are thinking about renovating your house! Today, in this blog post, we will define the french doors and will describe their benefits for home design.

When we hear “french doors”, most of us imagine a large pane of glass sectioned into smaller panels that may also be referred to as window grids. However, for home design, a french door is much more than just an interior or exterior door used for entry or exit, it’s a sophisticated technique to design your home in a way that allows an abundance of natural light in and typically features stylish grilles.

The french door is a beautiful addition to rooms with walls of windows and has more benefits than just its sheer beauty. French doors are a great way to bring a certain level of charm, elegance to your house as well as to add a touch of class from the outside! They also offer a generous amount of space to walk through, that’s why they are absolutely popular these days. French doors are usually used at the back of a house to create a gorgeous walkway out into the garden and at the same time helping to bring the outside in by offering a great view of the outside.

How to install french doors?

And now before we answer your question “how to install french doors?”, there are a few selections you’ll need to make before you acquire french doors including the window type, glass type, the material of the door, its color, and size. After you are done with these selections you need to be aware of one more thing! French doors command more space than the other door types for operation. So, take the width of the door and layout a radius around the pivot point on both sides of the jamb to know how much space you’ll need to allow.

Regularly, french doors are installed as a pair of doors that swing out from the center of the door opening, and as we already mentioned, it’s very important to plan for space around the door swing. So, to install the french door yourself, start by measuring the radius of the swing and ensure it is clear. The next thing you need to do is to check the jamb depth of the opening. Plan to purchase a door that will fit inside that depth. On a lighter note, following the guidelines supplied by the manufacturer will make things easier for you!

How wide are french doors?

There is a range of sizes that are standard for french doors, but most often, they are between 30-72” in width per door and can be bought in increments of 2 inches. French doors are generally sold as a pair!

How much are french doors?

Now, if you’d like to know how much are french doors? You’ve got to know that prices usually vary from one area to another. But in general, the average cost to install a set of French doors ranges from $1,000 to $4,000. You can pay around $ 2500 for a pair of exterior fiberglass-hinged french doors and $800 for a single interior door with a fixed panel. And those who opt for an exterior wall of wood telescoping French doors installed on a brick home would pay $8,000.

How to secure french doors?

Whereas the french doors are considered a perfectly secure option, poorly installed french doors are a lot easier to break than well-installed french doors. So, if you are asking how to secure french doors? your first line of defense is making sure the installation goes well.

Now, before you start searching for more invasive measures, the first thing you should do is to open and close your doors many times so you can make sure that they are tight and stable. And search for lubricant for door hinges if needed. Also, make sure that there is a slight space between the bottom of your doors and the threshold. Here’s something important to mention; if your glass is double glazed then it’s less of an issue of course. There are also unique security devices designed for french doors that you might want to consider. Even though they look like bike locks and can look a little imposing as well, but they are a good, affordable, and a good alternative to a full alarm system.

Finally, if you haven’t purchased your french doors yet, we recommend you think about the materials. Also, always opt for thick wooden doors, as the thicker the better. A steel frame will also add another layer to your french door security.