If you are wondering what is a double-hung window? In this blog post, we will explain the technical meaning of double-hung, and develop the subject by tackling the double-hung window parts. The casement windows vs double hung section will boost your window knowledge which needs cleaning and that’s why we’ll present you information on how to clean double hung windows. Your patience reading will lead you then to how to remove double-hung windows in case you want replacement without the help of a technician. We finish with an answer to your question, what is the difference between single and double-hung windows.

What are double hung window parts?

Double-hung window parts that are defined by their nature, windows you can open from top or bottom, and they include the following: the upper sash, the lower sash, the pivot lock shoes, and pivot bars, the tilt latches, the sash lock, the keeper, the ventilation stops, jamb and balances. Double-hung windows will be useful to you if you’re interested in easy usage and maintenance, safety, and adding more value to your home.

Casement windows vs double hung are no war

To help you shop, the casement windows vs double hung section will prove to you that both are excellent choices. The difference is in functionality. Casement windows come hinged on one of the sides to oscillate in a horizontal manner similar to a door, in addition to a crank from the interior side of the house that turns a gearbox pushing the window to open and shutting it. To secure the window shut fully, an interior latch should be engaged. The sash of a casement window sash oscillates to the outside of the house. In terms of stating the difference between casement and double-hung windows, the first aspect types. While casement windows oscillate sideways like a door, double-hung windows slide to the top. Casement windows are more expensive, and the crank controls the opening unlike double-hung that are operated by hand. The style of the casement window is contemporary, unlike the double-hung style which is normally traditional.

Other aspects of differentiation:

Energy: sash pushes against weatherstripping and is fixed with a latch which makes the casement window seal tight. The double-hung is almost as good although the seal operates in a different way.

Screen: is inside of the casement window, but outside of the double-hung

How to clean double hung windows? Let’s keep it clean!

Are you wondering how to clean double-hung windows? Cleaning a double-hung window keeps it in good condition and maintains a shiny appearance when done the proper way. Here’s how it goes: start with what you know already by adding some glass cleaner squirts and cleaning with a few swipes of cloth or paper towel the inside of your window. Follow this by taking care of the exterior:

  • Raise the bottom sash 3 inches after unlocking it.
  • Press on a side of the jamb liner and pull the designated corner of the sash to your end in order to tilt, handle both sides.
  • Tilt the bottom sash to your end at a 90-degree angle
  • Slide down the upper sash till you can reach its top
  • Pull the sash corner to your end after placing a hand on top of the top sash and pressing with the other side of the jamb liner.
  • Tilt-out the top sash and clean the window from the outside with your remaining hand.
  • Lift then rotate the top sash then push it back to regain its original position by applying some pressure on both of the corners of the top sash in a quick movement.
  • Take care of the exterior of the bottom sash
  • Allow the bottom sash to regain its normal position like you did previously with the top sash.
  • Close the window and lock it.
  • Don’t forget the window track, sill, and frame, and also weep holes.

How to remove double hung windows for cleaning or replacement!

Do you need to know how to remove double-hung windows? You might be thinking of replacement or cleaning. In both cases, you will end up with safely removed double hung windows if you follow the instructions below:

Unlatch the top lashes of the lower sash and push the sash upwards for a few inches.

Pull in on the sealing tabs on the top right and left sash corners then pull the upper sash side inward.

Swivel the sash so that one side becomes higher than the other one and disentangle the sash pin from the hole present within the clutch of the window. Pull the second pin free from the corresponding clutch. You can now set the window aside and clean it.

Bring down the upper sash and follow the previous procedure. Unlock the top tabs, swivel the sash and disentangle the pins from their clutches.

What is the difference between single and double hung windows?

If you’re still asking what is the difference between single and double-hung windows is, the answer is simple. The difference lies in the number of moving sashes. In the case of a single hung window, one of the sashes is fixed and non-operable, however, the double-hung window has both of the sashes moveable and operable.

After clearing things up for you, you are now ready to diagnose, differentiate, clean, remove and shop for the best windows for your home. Remember this is a long-term choice and that’s why we make sure you don’t regret it!

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Need help with your project? Talk to one of our experts.

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