How to pick a door lock and how to install it is useful to solve many scenarios that lead to being locked inside or out with no keys at hand or when keys need replacement. What can you do and how do you manage when you walk out of a locked garage or your little one gets locked in the bathroom? All you need is some household items.

How to pick a locked privacy doorknob?

We previously answered your question can you paint the window frame? and now if you’re wondering how to pick a locked privacy doorknob first, you have to identify the lock you’re dealing with. Bed and bath doorknobs are privacy doorknobs that contain a pushbutton or a twisting lock mechanism from the inside doorknob.

On the other hand, the outside doorknob has a small round hole within its center allowing emergency access. Are you dealing with a push button or a twisting mechanism? Does the doorknob have a keyhole or a hole? Choose a long and thin object that fits the hole and that supports pressure. You can find a hairpin, a hex wrench, or a small screwdriver. If you choose a paper clip or a hairpin, bend it open to obtain a straight and long bit of metal. Use your object to pick the lock.

What if the lock contains a push-button mechanism?

In case the lock contains a push-button mechanism, you can insert the item straight inside the hole until you sense resistance then push. You will hear an immediate click that indicates the lock was released. In case of a lock with a twisting mechanism, insert the item, sweep it around using a twisting motion until you feel it catching on something, and then put some pressure. Did you hear a click? The door is unlocked.

Afterward, what is left is removing the doorknob: if the method above can’t help you unlock the knob, pick a suitable screwdriver and undo the screws that hold together the privacy doorknob. Wait for a few minutes then watch both doorknobs come off. If there is any other remaining locking mechanism, pull it out of the hole and open the door.

How to use a credit card to pick a door lock?

Not only is it cool, but it’s also efficient. Here’s how to use a credit card to pick a door lock. Do you have permission to pick the lock? Once you’re cleared, you can start by finding a suitable card, choose one that is stiff yet flexible. Refrain from using your current credit card as it might get damaged in the process. Make usage of the card to pick the lock. Slide the card inside the gap separating the door and the doorjamb, beginning above the door handle and sliding down. The card then, will push the latch assembly allowing the door to open.

Keep in mind that this technique is suitable for key-locks alone. It doesn’t fit for a deadbolt.

How to install door lock for better safety?

If you’re moving into a new house, you’d better change the door locks to ensure your safety. Buy yourself a package including the doorknob, the set of keys, and the lock assembly. All you need now is a screwdriver.

  • Get rid of the old door lock if you have one. Open the door and detach the screws from inside the doorknob using a Philips screwdriver. You can find the screws on the sides or above and below your knob. Push the knob towards your end then remove it on the other side of the door. It’s time to remove the screws from the latch plate on the side of the door using the screwdriver.
  • Pull the latch plate with the lock assembly far from the door. Unscrew the screws holding the strike plate and remove the strike plate.
  • Place the brand-new lock assembly into the door. Make sure the slanted side of the lock faces the direction that the door swings closed. To make sure the sloped side faces the right direction, close the door. If it doesn’t work out, turn it around while inserting it on the opposite side.
  • Put the lock plate on over the lock assembly. Screw it in place.

Few more steps…

  • Glide the doorknob in place on the front and back of the door. Make sure to put the key lock knob from the external part of the door. Try shifting the knob a bit to ensure the spindle on the knob glides through the lock assembly allowing them to be linked the right way. Once attached, the knobs will be flush with the door.
  • Clutch the knobs in place then press the screws into the internal side of the door’s knob. Tighten the screws.
  • Line up the doorjamb and the strike plate and screw the latter into place.
  • Close the door, lock the door, unlock the door and open it to make sure the lockset is properly functional.

There you have it! Now you learned how to pick a door lock and how to install it and it’s time for practice! Follow the instructions meticulously and save money and trouble by doing it yourself! And now do you know how to adjust the sliding glass door for effortless handling?

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Need help with your project? Talk to one of our experts.

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