Windor doors and windows to upgrade your home!

Topics Types of doors what door to choose How to choose the best fit for doors Why choose Windor windows Aluminium windows advantages Timber windows benefits Upgrade your home with windor doors and windows. Windor comes with a wide range of vinyl window and door systems. Whether you seek good cost or high-quality vinyl products,

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Fleetwood replacement windows: what you need to know!

Topics Benefits of Fleetwood replacement windows can you use Fleetwood windows in snow areas? how long do Fleetwood windows last? how to clean Fleetwood windows If you are wondering why Fleetwood replacement windows are the answer to all your needs! We advise you to read this blog post till the end! One of the most

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When to Repair & When to Replace Home Windows

You might be wondering When to Repair & When to Replace Home Windows? As windows are one of the most expensive components in your home. This is because they provide a sense of security, privacy, and beauty all while allowing you to control the temperature inside your home. Every homeowner knows that windows can also

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The Return of Wood in Interior Design: What you need to know!

Topics: types of wood used in interior design uses of wood in interior design Natural wood for windows and doors How to manage your wooden furniture?  Yes, the Return of Wood in Interior Design, is true! And now that wood is back you’d better make some space! We all swear by the three Rs: Reduce,

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The most popular window styles, according to architects!

Topics Popular windows that architects love! What are the most popular window styles? There are many different types of windows, and architects love designing them all. Homeowners who want to create a home that looks like it belongs in an architectural magazine should ask their architect for advice on the best window style for their

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How many types of door locks are there?

Topics How many types of door locks are there? How to change a door lock on exterior doors? We are ready to answer your questions! Many homeowners are interested in the types of door locks available to them. Knowing what they are and how they work can help you make an informed decision on which

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How to fix a squeaky door?

Topics How to fix a squeaky door?  How to tighten door hinges? How to clean door hinges? We answer all your questions! Have you ever been walking down the stairs and heard a weird noise like an old door squeaking? Well, if your door is making that sound then it's probably because there might be

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