• Popular windows that architects love!

What are the most popular window styles? There are many different types of windows, and architects love designing them all. Homeowners who want to create a home that looks like it belongs in an architectural magazine should ask their architect for advice on the best window style for their needs. It’s important to take into account how much light will come through the windows as well as what type of view they want from inside the house. There is no right answer when it comes to choosing which window style is best: it really depends on your personal preference and requirements for natural lighting.

The windows of your home are what make it complete. They let in natural light to keep the room fresh, they allow for cooling breezes during hot days by letting energy escape through them on hot ones- but most importantly they provide privacy and security because no one can see inside without permission!

It is important to know the right style for your house. The architect can help you find a perfect window that will make it stand out and give its personality, while also matching what’s going on inside!

Popular windows that architects love!

Awning window

Weather shield awning sash windows metal

Weather shield windows and doors | Best window and door manufacturers

The awning window is mounted vertically, with the hinge at the top and they swing outward from the bottom, that is, the window pushes outside. Many homeowners use this type of window especially for allowing air to flow without the seasonal debris, for example, falling leaves or even rainfall. Some homeowners use this design to add an interesting decoration to their home’s exterior. The construction of these awning windows will also allow more natural light into your house. Awning windows are great for letting more natural light into your house!

Casement window

Weather Shield Casement Black Kitchen

Weather Shield Casement Black Kitchen

We have talked before about casement windows! Casement Windows are a great design for any home. They provide strong and practical window treatments that can withstand high temperatures, storms, or other natural disasters without compromising on style! These casement windows were popular in the UK just before the invention of sash and are still very much so today. In this type, a panel installed on either side can be opened with handles or hinges to allow you access through your home at any time!

With their versatile design and aesthetically neutral appearance, casement windows are perfect for any home. Whether you’re looking to cover up a difficult-to-reach spot like over the kitchen sink or even on your fireplace mantle–these lightweight frames can handle it!

Sliding window

Weather shield sliding windows wooden

Weather shield windows and doors | Best window and door manufacturers

There are many reasons why architects love sliding windows. They’re sleek and sophisticated, adding value to the environment with their modern design aesthetic; they allow natural light into homes during daytime hours which is great for boosting mental clarity (rich & wise).

Sliding windows are a great choice for large, difficult-to-access spaces such as over counters and sinks. They provide easy access with little hassle due to their sliding design which allows you greater control when opening or closing your sash! Sliding windows make for a sleek and modern design. Many of these sliding designs have removable sashes, which makes it easy to clean the glass when needed!

Bay Window

Bay Windows for modern home


This type of window is the perfect way to brighten up a home’s exterior. They bring an airy feel with their prominence of light, which is why architects love them so much!  They make the most of natural light while adding style to your home and giving your home an inviting and cozy feeling.

Bay windows are a common feature of many homes, both modest and luxurious. This beautiful design allows for light to enter your home as the sun moves across its sky- which can be very helpful during those long winter days!

Double Hung Windows

Weather Shield Double Hung Bedroom

Weather Shield Double Hung Bedroom

Double- Hung Windows: The Best Way to Save Energy and among the most popular window styles! 

A great window for your home is the double-hung one. They’re energy-efficient and provide excellent insulation, which means you can enjoy a comfortable environment during those winter months without worrying that drafts will come through AC units or heaters! Plus these types of panes also keep homes looking beautiful with their glass exterior framed by metal moldings on all four sides

Double-Hung windows are very common. This type has two main sashes that slide vertically up and down in the frame, but they remain inside so as not to protrude outside or interfere with what you see on either side of them when looking through your window.

Transom windows

Weather shield wood french doors

Weather shield windows and doors 

If you’re looking for a unique and stylish feature, transom windows are a perfect choice. Not only do they provide natural light but can also be lowered so that children don’t have to risk injury when climbing up onto higher surfaces.

If you want to add a little daylight and natural light into your home, transom windows are perfect. They come in different models: vented for when it’s hot outside or not so much airflow needed like near an open window where there will be more than one floor level with no insulation between them; fixed which has two panes of glass that cannot slide up from below since these types can’t move at all without destroying their appearance – but then again this type wouldn’t work well if the installation was going above another door because someone would always hit against its central post while passing by!

Single-hung windows


Fleetwood T Sliding Single Hung Fixed 06

Fleetwood windows and doors

The beauty of single-hung windows is that they don’t require special hardware. They’re also easy to clean and maintain. Single-hung windows are a great choice for homes that want to have the look of old-fashioned, classic architecture.

A single-hung window is a classic design for homeownership. This stationary sash will allow airflow, but it’s difficult to clean because there are no moving parts or rods that can get crevices in between panes of glass like double-hung windows have been known from time immemorial!

Favorite thing about these old-style homes? They’re so simple – just one big beautiful picture frame looking out into your neighborhood as if all those cares were weightless now.

Bow Window

Milgard sliding glass door and Milgard sliding windows for a luxury house in Los Angeles

Milgard windows and doors

Among the most popular window styles is the bow window. A bow window is a great addition to any home. It adds beauty, charm, and character to your property with its vintage appeal that cannot be beaten! Bow windows are a unique and modern design that provides homeowners with more interior space. They’re often a combination of four or five smaller panes, all joined together in an arc form; the curved architecture gives it its name!

They’re perfect for homes with curved architecture, as they provide more interior space due to their protruding design and curves on both sides. The best part about a bow-shaped window is how much light it lets into your home – not only do these types of glass panes let you see what’s happening outside but also make every room seem brighter!

Bay windows are more complicated to install than other designs and that is why it’s best not to do the installation yourself. Contact our team of experts to help you more!

Fixed/ Stationary window

Milgard sliding glass door and Milgard casement windows for a luxury house in Los Angeles

Milgard windows and doors

Why do architects love Stationary windows?  The streamlined design of a trellis frame is an efficient way to let in light and natural ventilation for your space. With these features, you can have fresh air without sacrificing privacy or energy efficiency! 

The stationary window is great because it can provide the homeowner with an airtight seal. Their seals always work perfectly so you don’t need to worry about them letting things in when they close up tight at nighttime. And do you know now why it’s considered among the most popular window styles?

Custom and special shape windows

Weather Shield Hinge Door Modern Home

Weather Shield Hinge Door Modern Home

A window’s function and form should complement one another, not compete for attention with what comes before or after it in a room; if done correctly this will create a balance between inside and out while creating uniqueness among other homes nearby that may be decorated similarly either by color schemes on walls textures, etc. Architects also appreciate how much more personal such projects become when there isn’t any cookie-cutter solution offered: instead you work closely together as partners-in-crime filling each others’ needs until you arrive at some epiphany (or divine revelation). And for that, it is one of the most popular window styles.

Whereas special shaped windows will add your visual interest to the outside of your home, but they may be difficult or impossible for you to open. Installing this oddly-shaped design can take longer than other designs and is also more expensive because it’s made specifically with architectural needs in mind – not just function as an aesthetic addition like most window treatments are designed to!

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