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Yes, the Return of Wood in Interior Design, is true! And now that wood is back you’d better make some space! We all swear by the three Rs: Reduce, reuse and recycle. This principle is governing today’s manufacturing.

When you say wood, you mean comfort, security, and coziness. Wood puts the “Oh!” in Home. Evidently, wood elevates the practicality, durability, and quality of your home furniture. If you’re curious about encountering this matter that matters, continue this interesting read.

types of wood used in interior design

When it comes to the Return of Wood in Interior Design, there are many types of wood used in interior design and if you’re planning to redecorate, wood is the trendiest. The only obstacle you will face is what to choose. However, we’re here to help you out! Here are the types of natural woods that might suit your place:

  • Oakwood: Oak or the popular is tough, has a beautiful texture, and offers you a special coloration. Would you like your home to feel like a cottage in the mountain? Choose oak!
  • Cedarwood: The pattern king, cedarwood, is recognizable due to its grains. The wavy pattern is best on a tabletop. Definitely, you will be in style with Cedar!
  • Padauk wood: Can you handle it? Padauk is bold. You cannot pass by the red coloring of Padauk wood without taking notice. This type of wood basically comes from Asia and it’s also famous for its strength.
  • Teak wood: Teak ages like wine and has its own character. Do you like dark colors and interesting patterns? This will be the answer for your home décor. With age, teak will surprise you with a silverish tint and a shiny surface.
  • Walnut wood: Between brown and grey, stands walnut wood. Best for flowing, walnut wood is very durable and sustainable. You might need some extra maintenance, but the beauty is worth it. Your cupboards, dinner table or rocking chair will become the stars of your home with walnut wood.

Uses of wood in interior design 

When we speak about The Return of Wood in Interior Design, we need to mention the benefit of the use of wood in interior design the right way. Previously, we stated the importance of wood within your house. Easy usage, different strengths, and appearance, durability, not to mention warmth. There are a variety of ways to use wood in interior design.

  • Floors: wooden floors are normally parquet. Parquet offers a sense of luxury and additional warmth to your home. Usually, oak wood is the best choice for parquet with a varnish or oil. You can choose from different lengths, widths, or thicknesses. Pick the herringbone pattern or the mosaic.
  • Panels: Not everyone is into the paneling. However, this beautiful wooden covering for the wall is beautiful in the countryside.
  • Wooden separating walls: are you looking for the easiest way to separate your living and dining room? Wooden walls are ideal. One option is to use some vertical planks and separate them by a few centimeters.
  • Wooden ceilings: you might think this solution is only for old houses. Despite the normal classical designs, contemporary interior design is using wood for ceilings.
  • Stairs and doors: you can create beautiful results by matching wooden doors with wooden stairs. You can always paint these wooden structures to add more taste.
  • Furniture, lighting fixtures, and decorations: will bring harmony to your wooden interior as well.

Natural wood for windows and doors

Why Natural wood for windows and doors will bring you added value? When you love wood, you cherish all sizes and shapes. Natural wood is the best choice to go for when you’re a wood fanatic. The advantages that this choice will bring you are the following:

  • With new technologies, wood has become the most durable material.
  • Wood is reusable and recyclable which boosts energy efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Wood cellulose can absorb a big part of the energy from the waves the wood receives. Therefore, making wood soundproofing.
  • Wood is waterproof.
  • Your home will become comfortable and cozy with natural wood.
  • You can choose from a wide range of finishes for wood making it the best material for special and personal spaces.

How to manage your wooden furniture?

 Wondering How to manage your wooden furniture? Your chosen wooden furniture can last forever. Constant use, however, submits wood to wear and tear, scratches and abrasions. Now, you can take care of your wooden furniture by ensuring the following:

  • Avoid mistreating your furniture and protect it from heat and cold
  • Protect your wood from exposure to the elements of nature outside
  • Dust it on a regular basis
  • Keep the smell of your wood fresh
  • Re-wax and re-oil dry wood
  • Clean the surfaces

We can say that you just gathered all the tools and knowledge you need in terms of wood. Your furniture defines who you are. Your home decoration is part of your identity. With wood, you can project the warm, organic, and strong being that you are! And now check out how to fix a squeaky door?

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Need help with your project? Talk to one of our experts.

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