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Upgrade your home with windor doors and windows. Windor comes with a wide range of vinyl window and door systems. Whether you seek good cost or high-quality vinyl products, search no more.

Windor has proven in time its premium manufacturing conduct and innovative technology. Not only are windor products attractive but they offer you advanced performance. From the multi-slide famous doors to the remarkable folding doors, you’ll experience style and practicality.

Types of doors

Before we speak about windor doors and windows, you’ve got to know what are the types of doors in the first place. The many types of door designs vary from the 3750 multi-slide doors to the 2750 sliding door encompassing swing doors and folding doors.

Let’s ask ourselves first, what does a door do? Doors protect your privacy, they define your room and diminish noise. If you’re a stylish person, you want your door to come with style and beauty.

There are many styles and materials available for interior and exterior doors. You can mix and match to compliment your own home’s décor. At windor, you’ll find trusted solutions for functionality purposes. Now you can own your home and its added value with windor!

Upgrade your home with windor doors and windows for so many reasons you will learn if you keep on reading.

what door to choose

Before opting for what door to choose, think about your privacy, its functionality, the intent of usage, and the aesthetics.

1-Wood doors: primarily chosen for exterior doors, they’re invading the interior. Wood is a great choice for durability and style adaptation.

2-Steel doors: naturally, a more economical option would be steel. Firstly, they endure, don’t need much upkeep, and project a contemporary style. Future vibes await you with steel doors at windor!

3-Fiberglass doors: super low maintenance, resistance to dents, high insulation, and durability are what you purchase with fiberglass doors.

4-Aluminum doors: sliding or hinged, these are the home for modern looks.

5-Glass doors: with steel, aluminum, or wood frames, glass doors let the light in if you don’t care much for privacy.

6-Battened and ledged doors: these are the best choice for hallway closets, utility rooms, or bathrooms.

7-Flush doors: the smoothest surface with affordability and durability is what makes flush doors so wanted. Choose them for your toilet, utility room, or bathroom.

How to choose the best fit for doors

To help you with How to choose the best fit for doors, we prepared a bunch of tips. Enthusiastically, we invite you to stay tuned for door wisdom at windor!

  • Security: to protect your house from damage, make sure to choose a door with an outside lock that doesn’t rot in bad weather. It is best to ensure duplication is not an option. Obviously, a safety lock is also a must.
  • Design: the design includes comfort, noise reduction, and attraction.
  • Material: when you think material, you think of easy cleaning and low maintenance as well as harmony with the design.
  • Position: does it swing in or out? Think it through to determine the hinges positioning.
  • Color: consider your home narrative before choosing door color.

Don’t forget to think budget-wise and windor offer the best budget fit solutions taking into consideration all the above-mentioned criteria.

Why choose Windor windows

Why choose Windor windows you might ask? People who know windor, recommend windor windows. This is due to their high quality defying the toughest weather conditions. Undoubtedly, windor are known for functionality, modern design, and durability. Windor pays special attention to adaptability, design, and efficiency.

To complement the architecture and home image and structure, nothing works better! Nothing matches the timber and timber/aluminum windows in coziness and naturalness.

Aluminium windows advantages

The boundaries of Aluminium windows advantages go beyond the expected. From style to cleanliness, here are the major benefits that will support you when you Upgrade your home with windor doors and windows:

  • Contemporary and sleek aesthetics: attractiveness comes first with aluminum windows. They can be adapted to any period home as well as give a modern tint.
  • Durable finishes coated with powder: 150 color tones will not make an easy choice. However, they will help you find your style.
  • Strong yet lightweight: this means less bulky frames and more glass areas, less weight, and more strength.

Timber windows benefits

The timber windows benefits will help you make your choices when you Upgrade your home with windor doors and windows.

  • Attractiveness
  • Low costs
  • Major boost for home value
  • Energy efficiency
  • Lower maintenance
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Fit for period homes
  • Paint not needed

Finally, you can upgrade your home with windor doors and windows with consciousness. We provided you with all the information you need to make an aware decision. Above we covered everything you need to know about doors and windows. What is left is for you to compliment that house of yours! And now check out when to repair and when to replace home windows!


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