Fleetwood Window and Door Manufacturing Company have been proudly American since its founding in 1954. This brand commits to producing quality products, employing Americans for all projects no matter how small the order size because every job is important when you’re part of this family!

We have previously discussed everything you need to know about Fleetwood windows! But in addition to all of this, Fleetwood also provides top-notch quality door products which we will be discussing starting with the multi-slide series 3070-t.

Fleetwood multi-slide series 3070-t


Configuration: Unlimited Multi-Slide, Curved, Pocket, and Corner applications.

 Huge sizes/thin sightlines. The easiest rolling door made (authentic Swiss bearings). • Weather rated.

Double leg design:

There are so many designs to choose from when it comes to double-leg design. The double Leg design is both attractive and functional, but you need a full-size display in order to appreciate its beauty fully. The extra-wide braces offer twice as much weather-stripping, which keeps out sandstorms or other unwanted matter. Contact us and let us give you further information about this design!

Sill & Head Fillers:

The Series 3070 is a practical type that comes with matching extrusions that enhance its cosmetic appeal and serve as closers for repelling sand water air bugs all while keeping your door looking good as new!

Locking Hardware:

The Series 3070 offers two different lock styles to choose from. The standard is the patented Archetype system, but if you’re looking for something even slimmer then try out the patent-pending Archetype Narrow with all of its same features like vertical actuation and small profile handle as well keyed locks!

Sub-Sill Pan Option: 

The track system on this floor is designed to create a continuous look, but with the water resistance of an HC 40 door. It can be laid at different heights so that it will never touch your finished floors while still providing exceptional performance when installed underneath. 

It can be kind of difficult to choose the right type of door, especially when you have so many types, configurations, and styles. For that, we have our team of experts at Concept Windoors who are able to help you make the right choice and build the perfect door for you.

Just give us a call today at (800) 879-5168 or by emailing customerservice@conceptwindoors.com. You can also visit our website at www.conceptwindoors.com for additional product requirements! And now check out all about fleetwood replacement windows!


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Need help with your project? Talk to one of our experts.

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