Introducing the Fleetwood SERIES 3070-T door, stylish yet functional addition to your home. The sleek design is sure to make it stand apart from other doors with its unique style and elegant timeless appeal! And after talking about the Fleetwood multi-slide and pocket door, we will be giving you more details about the 3070-t door.

Configurations of the Fleetwood series 3070-t door:

Unlimited Multi-Slide, Pocket, and Corner applications.

A more energy-efficient version of the 3070.

The first completely insulated multi-slide door.

Swiss bearing rollers are a standard feature.

Minimalistic Hardware: 

The 3070-T has two options for locking stiles, the Archetype Narrow and standard. The first option is sleek with a small footprint that provides vertical activation of your handlebars while removing any possible interference or impact on other parts in use nearby you’re bike’s frame during transport due to its compact size – ideal if space constraints are an issue!

“Thermal Frame” Extrusions: 

The addition of a thermal barrier has dramatically reduced the transfer of heat and cold through our extrusion. We use two methods: Pour/De-bridge, where liquid polyurethane is poured into an air pocket that hardens around it; I-Strut which involves angling struts inward to block any cool air currents. The I-Strut process is a great way to add mechanical stiffness when joining two extrusions that don’t share any similarities. You can choose from many different types of struts, like the highly efficient High-Performance Interlocker.

High-Performance Interlocker: 

The Series 3070-T and 3300 sliders are for when you need to withstand high wind loads or taller doors in order to have an I-Strut interlocker.

No Post Corner:

The most advanced door on the market is now available with an attractive 90-degree corner. These doors can be custom extruded to allow for easier installation in areas where they would not otherwise fit, such as along a jamb or post of building the wall without creating unwanted gaps that are visible at either end. The result? The strongest-looking exterior design you’ll ever see!

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Need help with your project? Talk to one of our experts.

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