What are energy efficient windows?

Topics What are energy-efficient windows? How can I make my windows more energy efficient? Are double-hung windows energy efficient? Are hurricane windows energy efficient? How much does it cost to install these windows? How are double-glazed windows energy efficient? We answer all your questions! Do you know that about 50% of your electricity is spent

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What is a double hung window? 5 things you need to know!

If you are wondering what is a double-hung window? In this blog post, we will explain the technical meaning of double-hung, and develop the subject by tackling the double-hung window parts. The casement windows vs double hung section will boost your window knowledge which needs cleaning and that’s why we’ll present you information on how

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What is a window sash and why is it essential?

What is a window sash you might ask first? This question is natural if you’re not familiar with the functionality and design of the windows at your place. Without further ado, a window sash is what holds the framework and glass within a window. It is located around the glass to support it. You may

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