Pocket Doors

What do you know about pocket doors? We are going to help you make the right decision on whether it was pocket doors or any other type of door! Get all the information you need and build your perfect door.

What are pocket doors?

If you want to save space, then pocket doors are your go-to doors. These types of doors are loved by everyone! Pocket doors are hung from the top and slide along a track that is mounted inside the wall. When these doors are open they ‘disappear’ into the space of the wall. How perfect is this?

Milgard sliding glass door for a patio area in a los angeles house

Why choose pocket doors?

Charm & character

Pocket doors are known to save a lot of space in the house while adding an architectural charm to a room. They open quietly without making any noise and are of high quality and considered to be affordable. Pocket doors do a great job of connecting two spaces together without having a door in the way.

If you are thinking of installing a pocket door, contact us and we’ll help you with everything that you need.

What are the types of pocket doors?

There are 2 types of pocket doors:

1. Door that includes the track and reinforced studs.

2. Door that features a steel-framed cassette that provides a self-contained pocket for the door to slide into.

Get inspired with these pocket doors!

Weather shield glass sliding doors wood
Weather shield glass sliding doors and french doors

Where are pocket doors used?

Pocket doors are usually installed inside your home. You can have them anywhere you like, but you have to think it through and install them in a place where they will be of benefit. For example, pocket doors are ideal for tight bathrooms. This way you will benefit more from the space inside.

What material is used for pocket doors?


Solid wood

Glazed wood

Tempered glass

How are pocket doors installed?

For a pocket door to be installed, you need to plan ahead and build a wide encasing wall. As for the measurements, you’ll need at least 66 inches of the linear wall and make sure that the existing wall is thicker than 4 inches since the standard pocket door is 2 inches thick. Another thing you have to do is assess what else shares the wall space where the pocket door cage will go. This may sometimes complicate things especially if you should reroute pipes and wires.

Weather shield glass sliding doors
Fleetwood bifold sliding door

Once you have your pocket door installed and everything is set up, you’re going to know that this is the best decision you’ve taken since you were able to build a door without taking any space in your home.

If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are ready to answer your questions and help build your dream doors and windows!

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