Weather Shield Windows

Weather Shield is committed to making windows and doors the best way possible. We do this by putting customers’ wants first– which means that we offer more styles than any other company in all shapes of sizes!

With over 30 years in the industry, Weather Shield is proud to offer more styles and sizes than any other company. Our focus on innovative solutions has allowed us not only to design but also to manufacture high-quality windows and doors with efficient energy usage!

Weather shield window and doors

Weather Shield Window Series

Weather Shield Window Double Hung Living Room

Weather Shield Double Hung Windows

Weather Shield Sliding Doors Living Room

Weather Shield Sliding Windows

Weather Shield Awning

Weather Shield Awning Windows

Weather Shield Casement Windows MultiTrim

Weather Shield Casement Windows

Weather Shield Costal Properties

Weather Shield Special Windows

Weather Shield Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have two sashes that glide up and down, are tightly sealed, and provide easy ventilation.  This comes in 4 different types: 

  1. Premium series double-hung
  2. Premium coastal double-hung
  3. Signature series double-hung
  4. Premium series all wood double-hung
Weather Shield Double Hung Bedroom
Weather Shield Casement Black Kitchen

Weather Shield Casement Windows

Casement windows have a single sash that opens vertically on a metal track. They are the perfect choice for hard-to-reach areas. These windows come in 7 types:

  1. Contemporary collection casement
  2. Contemporary collection push-out casement
  3. Premium series casement
  4. Premium series push-out casement
  5. Premium coastal casement
  6. Signature series casement
  7. Weather shield all wood casement

Weather Shield Awning Windows

The hinged sash of an awning window beckons the breeze, and is often combined with flowing glass to create dramatic effect.

  1. Contemporary collection awning
  2. Premium series awning
  3. Premium coastal awning
  4. Weather shield all wood awning
Weather Shield Awning Outdoors
Weather shield sliding windows wooden

Weather Shield Sliding Windows

The Premium Series slider window is ideal for creating maximum ventilation with minimal space. Our innovative four-point roller system ensures silent, smooth operation and comes in a variety of color options including white or black to match any home’s décor.

  1. Premium series slider
  2. Signature series slider
  3. Weather shield all wood slider

Weather Shield Special Shape Windows

Window shapes are more than just a design element, they’re an opportunity for creativity. We’ve designed windows that have been gentle and curved or sharp and angular-whatever you imagine with your geometry skills we can configure a special shape to punctuate it!

There are two types of special shape windows:

  1. Contemporary collection direct set
  2. Premium series direct set
Weather shield metal windows for modern home

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