French Doors

What is the first thing that catches the eye when looking at a house? Its doors and windows!
That’s why you should slow down and think it through to choose wisely the door or window that best fits your home!

What are french doors?

French doors are a type of patio doors that are hinged on the side and swing open and closed.

Of course, you are thinking why are they called French doors? Well, that’s because these types of doors originated in France, which makes sense. But there is more to its name. You might also hear french doors called “French windows”. Again, why is that? It’s because these doors began as large windows that were used to step out onto a balcony, and with time, these large windows became known as French doors. So, they’re basically windows that transformed into doors! Interesting, right?

Milgard sliding glass door for a patio area in a los angeles house

Why choose french doors?

If you’re wondering why to choose french doors, here are the reasons.

Weather shield wood french doors

Simple & contemporary

French doors give a simple and elegant solution to doors for your patio or outdoor living space. Just swing open your doors and bring in breeze and sunlight for those summer days. Or close them shut to utilize their effective protection from the cold, sound, and outdoor critters!

Weather shield french doors entrance for modern home

Improve living space

French doors make your outdoor and indoor living spaces interconnected. They look great in all kinds of homes from modern, traditional to industrial! A must have for any house.

Weather shield white vinyl french doors for balacony

Value with style

One thing many don’t consider when choosing doors is that french doors add great value to your house, meaning that you can add potential sale value to your home. Ask your real estate agent about this!

Where are french doors used?

French doors are mostly used in exterior locations but at the same time, some choose french doors to divide different rooms in the house. For example, a french door can be installed to divide between the dining room and kitchen, creating two distinct living spaces. French doors can be the perfect choice in this case, as they allow some privacy between two divided rooms while keeping a visual connection between the two spaces. Also, some might choose french doors in a media room to reduce the excess noise.

What material is used for french doors?

No need to worry about a thing! We are ready to help you choose the best material for your home.






What are the different types of french doors?

You should choose the right type of french door!

Weather shield black vinyl french door for bedroom

External patio doors

Weather shield white vinyl french doors

Internal french doors

Multiple weather shield french doors for an entrance

External french doors

How are french doors installed?

Installing french doors is easy. Here are the steps to be followed:

  • Installing french doors is considered to be easy especially if the space is created in the wall.

  • It may take up to six hours to install this type of door. However, if an opening in the wall is going to be created, the installation may take up to 4 days. Therefore, this all depends on the condition of where the door is going to be constructed.

  • In conclusion, French doors are considered to be the latest trend and your perfect choice especially when you want to create a seamless transition between your exterior and interior. Get in touch with us and let’s plan it all out!


If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are ready to answer your questions and help build your dream doors and windows!

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