Metal Windows

What are metal windows?

Previously, before hundreds of years, windows could have been stolen and broken easily. Nowadays, with technical modifications and much variety of transformations, Metal-Framed Windows are made with so much persistence, with a classically shaped iron and modern aluminum, used usually in modern buildings and it is hard to notice them. Using metal for window frames is perfectly the right choice, because of its rigid material which means that the glass of the window won’t flex and crack. It’s also a temperature conductor that can lead to condensation issues. Not to forget, Metal Windows give a beautiful form of the building. Even if windows apparently are beyond repair, they can still reveal opportunities for protection.

Weather shield metal windows for bedroom

Why choose metal windows?

There are many reasons why we should use metal windows, some of their advantages are:

– Metal windows and doors are stronger than any alternative material. They are three times more solid than aluminum. – Incredible security. They are not to be broken easily so that leads to peace of mind to leave the place you live so serenely. – Metal windows are known for their low maintenance, longevity, and their sustainability. – They possess high thermal performance and elegant sightlines.

Weather shield 90 degree window metal window

Where are metal windows installed?

Metal windows are installed directly into fundamental openings of wood, block, brick, masonry, or structural steel. Naturally, they are linked to the structural opening by either fastening directly through the window frame or by anchor straps provided by the window manufacturer. In many cases, they can be installed partly from the outside, it depends on each home. Every home is unique and has some features of opening its windows that require an installation from the inside.

Weather shield metal windows for contemporary home
Weather shield metal windows for modern home

What are the types of metal windows?

There are many types of metal windows:

  • Steel Casement Windows
  • French Casement Steel Windows
  • Awning Steel Windows
  • Hopper Steel Windows

  • Fixed Steel Windows

  • Steel Bay Windows

  • Tilt and Turn Steel Windows

  • Double Hung Steel Windows

  • Pivot Steel Windows

What material is used for metal windows?

There are six main materials that windows are made of. They include:

Wood is the material to choose for your window to have the natural beauty of the house. It is demanded more than any other kind of material from the homeowners because it gives a traditional appearance. Wood can be made in many sizes and shapes, it is a very durable natural resource that is environmentally friendly.
Vinyl window frames are composed of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) that is used in many household items and constructions. They have improved through the years with good quality and durability that made them a good choice of frames to use. There are two types of vinyl that differ by their durability and cost. Pure vinyl is stronger and lasts longer than recycled vinyl; however, it is also more expensive.
Aluminum has a very low weight, but it is very strong and can support large areas of glass. It provides a shiny look and does not require much more maintenance than other materials. If you like modern homes, aluminum is the right choice. By this, you can have more space in your house, and there will be more natural light to enter.
Fiberglass windows have been purchased so much in the last few years. Their formation of reinforced glass fibers creates a strong durable material that requires little maintenance and resistance to dents and scratches. Fiberglass can be similar to wood windows giving them a better aesthetic.
This is a formation of two kinds of material that create a better window. Wood-clad windows are solid windows; they are covered by fiberglass or aluminum. It provides homeowners the appearance of wood without maintenance.
It is a combination of wood, metal, and vinyl that creates a stronger product. The first time this material came out, it was just used for the windowsills, and now the entire window frame is made from it.
Weather shield 90 degree window metal window for kitchen

How are metal windows installed?

Metal windows are installed directly into essential openings of wood, masonry, block, brick or structural steel. Typically, as we said in question three, they are connected to the structural opening by either fastening straight through the window frame or by anchor ties provided by the window constructor. These windows can be shipped glazed or unglazed. Hot rolled windows are naturally shipped unglazed and therefore are installed in the structural opening before glazing. Otherwise, cold-rolled windows are regularly shipped glazed and are installed with anchor straps.

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