Sliding windows

What are sliding windows?

As the name mentions, sliding windows open back and forth rather than up and down. They are double hung windows turned on their side

Milgard sliding glass door for a patio area in a los angeles house

Why choose sliding windows?

Weather shield sliding windows for kitchen

Sliding windows come with many benefits. They are considered to be much larger than double-hung windows. Also, with sliding windows, you’ll be able to get a bigger view of the scenery you have. If you choose sliding doors from ConceptWindors, you will be guaranteeing high-efficiency glass and premium frame material

Where are sliding windows used?

Sliding windows are usually installed where there is an unobstructed view and where ventilation is required. For example, you can place a sliding door in the kitchen above the sink. We can help you choose the perfect place to install your sliding windows!

Weather shield sliding windows white

What are the types of sliding windows?

There are 5 types of sliding windows:

Fleetwood one sliding window

One fixed-one sliding windows

Fleetwood 250 Sliding Single Hung Fixed 07

Two sliding windows

Weather shield sliding windows wooden

Timber sliding windows

Fleetwood Aluminum Sliding Windows

Aluminium sliding windows

Contact us and we’ll help you choose the best type that fits your taste

What material is used for sliding windows?

Sliding doors can be made of any of the following materials:




To choose the best material, contact us and we are ready to help!

How are sliding windows installed?

Installing sliding doors is easy. Here are the steps to be followed:

  • Sliding doors are installed into a track system and they operate horizontally instead of vertically
  • Usually, replacing old sliding windows with new ones takes about 30 minutes to be installed.
  • Concept Windor’s sliding windows are built to fit your home in an effective, yet decorative way.

If you are looking for high quality and energy-efficient windows, we will be sure to satisfy all of your house and home needs!

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