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Win-Dor is an American company that has been making high-quality vinyl windows and doors for over 25 years. They offer standard sized products as well as custom made ones to fit any need, measuring them precisely according to your specifications before constructing them from start to finish!

Windor Sliding Doors

Windor Door Series

5 types of doors can be found at Windor and you can choose the one that best suits your home or project!

3750 multi slide door

The WinDor 3750 Multi-Slide Door System is an affordable, energy efficient door that’s highly durable. Consumers agree that this product offers one of the highest quality line in America – perfect for any home or business looking to save money on their heating & cooling expenses! 

Their doors are made out of the most durable materials, which makes them perfect for both commercial and residential applications. They come with an aluminum frame so you won’t have any issues keeping up on maintenance!

Windor Multislide Doors
Windor Folding Doors

3750 folding door

The solution which combines vinyl and aluminum has allowed WinDor to of a low maintenance and energy-efficient door. A rigid aluminum frame, with vinyl at the top for protection from weather elements such as rain or snowfall; these 3750 folding doors will never corrode!

3750 sliding door

The WinDor 3750 sliding door is one of the most durable and efficient in America. This low maintenance product will last you for years with minimal care, but it’s still an incredible value at its price point!

The WinDor company has created a unique blend of long-lasting vinyl and rigid aluminum to create the perfect door for any home. The 3750’s offer an extremely low profile 3 3/4 by 1 3/4 sash that will provide you with all of your design needs, as well as adding some extra wow factor in it!

Windor 3750 Sliding Doors
Windor 2750 Sliding Doors

2750 sliding door

Imagine your home’s doors taking on a new look. Instead of the same old metal, wooden or PVC frames that are common in today’s homes; you could have glass panels for an eye-catching exterior design like no other! The long lasting 2750 sliding door system will not chip or crack easily even when exposed to harsh weather conditions thanks its super durable quality – it protects against UV damage too so there is nothing stopping us from gracing our property with this modern upgrade day after tomorrow.

When you purchase the 2750 Sliding Door, will you be providing yourself with a durable and reliable door that can last you years to come but also at an affordable price. Unlike other doors on the market whose quality is questionable or potentially dangerous when installed incorrectly – this comes with exceptional craftsmanship so there are no worries about safety issues! Contact us for more information!

3750 Swing Doors

WinDor’s Swing Door combines a modern vinyl sash with aluminum, allowing for a durable, affordable high-quality swing door system that will create a wow factor to any room.

Windor’s 3750 Swing Door offers a  1 3/4 x 3 ¾ sash profile that is similar to their Multi Slide and Folding door, this will allow homeowners, architects, and builders to mix and match Windor door systems while keeping an elegant look.

Windor French Swing Doors

Why choose Windor?

At Windor, they believe the world is a beautiful place and it should be seen through the glass. That’s why every day brings new opportunities for them to design products that enhance what you see outside your window or door frame so they complement each other in their beauty when all together as part of one landscape composition.

When purchasing this item from WinDor Builders & Parts Stormers Co., Ltd., all customers get access to some of America’s most trusted aluminum-vinyl blends in their products which ensure high performance even after many cycles through weather fluctuations like rainstorms

Windor Multislide Patio Doors

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