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Win-Dor is an American company that has been producing high quality vinyl windows and doors for over 25 years. They offer standard sized products as well as custom made ones to fit any need, measuring them precisely according your specifications before constructing them from start-to finish!

Their product line includes custom windows – from single hung tilt & turn sliders up toward wall skyline sliding aluminum clone-topped models; patio doors with wood composite panels which can even include transoms and storm shutter inserts where needed! 

Single Hung Window Windor Outside

Windor Windows Series

6 types of windows can be found at Windor and you can choose the one that best suits your home! 

1550 sliding window

The WinDor 1550 Sliding Window is a must-have for your home. With its sliding and gliding capabilities, you can enjoy cool air while also maintaining safety with our top of line quiet sash rollers! The frame features durable vinyl that will not get damaged or dirty over time thanks to aluminum reinforcement which ensures lasting use in any room size from small apartments all the way up huge mansions – Window’s got it covered! Contact us to know more!

Sliding Windows Windor
Single Hung Windows Windor

1550 Single-Hung window

Window types are an important consideration when it comes to home design. Single- Hung windows, which have been a long favorite in America since they’re easy to operate and clean with their simple installation process being one of the reasons why people prefer this type over others that require more work or cost significantly less money for something comparable performance wise .

The 1550 Single Hung window is a durable vinyl that’s reinforced with aluminum. It has the classic style of fixed top sash, which makes it easy to operate even for those who are not experienced in this type of work! If you’re looking for great quality and durability at an affordable price? Look no further! We’ve got what your needs will be met by thanks so much!!

1550 Picture window

The beauty of nature and light streaming in is a great way to bring ambiance into your home. In the 1550 frameless large window, you get all that with no obstruction from other windows or doors! The clean and simple design of our 1550 Picture Windows is perfect for those who want to bring in natural light with a modern architectural style. 

There’s no need for framing because these windows can be customized, so you’ll find yourself getting all sorts of shapes! The 1550 Picture Window is a large, paned glass window that can be installed as either single-panes of glass or integrated into our sliding doors. The option to create your own look with different combinations means you are able to find the perfect match for any home décor needs!

Picture Window Windor
Casement Windows Windor

1750 Casement window

Unlike other windows, Windor casement windows is designed to be open and closed like the door on your car. This means you can enjoy all of its benefits when it’s time for winter or summer-a perfect way to save energy in any season! With so many reasons why this type of covering should be considered, don’t miss out by not upgrading today!

Whether you need new cabinets installed in your kitchen? Or would rather spruce up one area with some paint job elbow grease; we’ve got just what will work best for YOU.

The WinDor 1750 Series is a high-performing, durable window that will keep your home secure and well insulated all year. If you fancy the casement windows but are on a budget, we can figure something out for you! Once deciding what size and style would be best suited to suit your needs give our designers call– they’ll provide accurate quotes right over the phone or email so there’s no need going through any of those hassle-filled consultations at retail stores.

2750 folding window

With the limitations and advantages of both materials in mind, WinDor has created a lasting solution that will satisfy your needs. They use aluminum framing with low maintenance vinyl capping to form their 2750 Exterior Folding Window design – an excellent choice for those who want durability without sacrificing flexibility or style!

The 2750 series is an excellent option for those who want a durable, energy-efficient and low maintenance window. In addition to these qualities it also ranks amongst the top folding windows in America! 


Windor Folding Windows

Why choose Windor?

At Windor, they believe the world is a beautiful place and it should be seen through glass. That’s why every day brings new opportunities for them to design products that enhance what you see outside your window or door frame so they complement each other in their beauty when all together as part of one landscape composition.

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